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Circa Espresso, Parramatta

Inside Circa Espresso

Walking around the quieter side of Parramatta station, it would be hard to miss Circa Espresso. This hole in the wall cafe is situated in a little gap between two residential buildings. A splash of colour from a graffiti-ed wall and patrons sitting on wooden stools and upturned milk crates tell you that there is something hip and happening going on in that little laneway, and that would be Circa’s fantastic food and coffee.

Iced coffee - $4

We’ve ventured out to Suze’s hood today for a taste of Circa’s breakfast menu. My first experience of Circa was an impressive cup of takeaway coffee and so I’m glad to be heading back to try more of their menu. I start with an iced coffee – not a sugary, cream-topped version but a real iced coffee made purely from coffee and ice.

Avocado on sourdough toast with sea salt, cracked pepper and lemon oil - $7
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