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Peach Picking and Pies at Bilpin

Millions of peaches, peaches for me
Millions of peaches, peaches for free!

Ok, so they’re not exactly free but they were for me! I’ve been wanting to go fruit picking for a long time, so the summer break seemed to be the perfect time to do it since my favourite stonefruit, peaches, were in season. We looked up some fruit picking places on the interwebs and the ones in Bilpin seemed to be the closest to us, so Sir D and I road tripped it out one sunny weekend.

The drive took us about an hour and 15 minutes (via M2 and M7) and by the time we got there, we were feeling peckish. On the way to the orchards, we stopped by this Pie in the Sky roadhouse on Bells Line of Road. I’m not sure if it’s affiliated with Pie in the Sky in Cowan but it was a similar set up. You can park your car pretty much anywhere around the little shed that houses the pie shop and head in to select your pies and drinks from the counter.

Steak and mushroom pie – $5

There’s a selection of savoury pies that are mainly chicken- or beef-based, and they’re all made in-house. We chose a steak and mushroom pie from the warmer which had a delicious flaky, buttery puff pastry on top and a thick gravy with tender beef cubes inside.

Apple pie with ice cream – $4.50
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The Pie Tin, Newtown


PIE PIE PIE! Pies are one of my favourite foods in the whole world! There’s something about the buttery pastry – be it short or flaky – encasing a sweet or savoury filling that is so comforting and homely. And where better to satisfy my pie craving than The Pie Tin in Newtown, where there are a crazy number of different pies to choose from.

Pie and 2 sides/salads - $10

I had planned on getting the slow roasted shredded pork with apple & bbq sauce pie but unfortunately there were none left when we arrived. So I settled for the lamb and rosemary pie with kumera mash and boston baked beans with speck/bacon. The pie was amazing with flaky pastry and a rich filling with tender chunks of lamb and the occasional rosemary sprig. Kumera (sweet potato) mash was a nice sweet accompaniment and infinitely better with the addition of gravy. The boston baked beans were so so good with a lovely smoky flavour from the speck and I reckon I could eat a whole bowl of it by myself! Continue reading The Pie Tin, Newtown