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Toshiya, Cremorne

It’s always a good sign when you enter a suburban restaurant mid-week and it’s full of locals, because you know you’re onto a good thing. Toshiya is very much a local favourite with what seemed like regular diners just having a regular Wednesday night dinner. But it’s certainly no regular Wednesday night dinner, with unique Japanese fusion dishes on the menu that Chef Toshiya has carefully created using his mixed training in Japanese kaiseki ryori and classical French techniques. Fusion sometimes scares people off, but here, it works – with the likes of sashimi tacos, prosciutto salmon sushi and green tea brulee being among my favourite dishes. There’s also more traditional Japanese food on the menu like miso wagyu beef and sushi rolls, but the more adventurous dishes are where the fun is at!

Penguin says Feed Me dined at Toshiya courtesy of Washoku Lovers

TL;DR: Modern Japanese fusion pushing the boundaries of what Japanese food is
Favourite dish: Sashimi tacos, prosciutto salmon sushi
Would I return? If I’m in the area and can get a table!

1/283 Military Rd
Cremorne NSW 2090
Ph: +61 2 8969 6989
Lunch: Friday and Saturday, 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday, 6pm to 10pm

Inside Toshiya
Beef tataki: Seared raw beef sliced thinly, topped with onions and ponzu sauce – $15
Soft shell crab: Deep fried crab topped with spicy leek, shallots, flying fish roe, chilli mayo and shiso soy. Part of the Special Assorted Entree – $39
Duck dumplings: Pan fried duck dumplings with dumpling sauce. Part of the Special Assorted Entree – $39
Salmon carpaccio: Thin sliced salmon with yuzu dressing. Part of the Special Assorted Entree – $39
Sashimi tacos: Assorted sashimi in gyoza taco shells, topped with spicy mayo. Part of the Special Assorted Entree – $39
Grilled scallops with garlic butter. Part of the Special Assorted Entree – $39
Pan fried scallops – $16
Prosciutto salmon aburi sushi – $19.50
Lobster spicy volcano roll: Inside out roll topped with tempura lobster, tartar sauce and teriyaki chilli oil – $29
Miso wagyu beef: Sliced wagyu beef in a miso sauce – $19.50
Green tea brulee – $8.50
Chocolate spring roll – $8.50
Red bean ice cream – $3