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Melbourne Snackage – Round 2

One of the dangers of going on holiday is that there are always so many places I want to eat at. Three square meals a day just isn’t enough time so I manage to squeeze in a few snacks here and there, leaving me ridiculously full after each day. Oh well – it is a holiday after all! My last trip to Melbourne included snacks like fries, cupcakes and chocolate. Round 2 of Melbourne Snackage is about all things sweet… get ready for some macarons, doughnuts, cakes and more macarons!

Our first stop is LuxBite in South Yarra – and the first thing that catches my eye is the rainbow of macarons in the glass cabinet. There are lots of flavours, several of which are unique to LuxBite, which makes it difficult to choose just a few.

Endless Love – $8.50

Near the macaron display is a wall of pretty cakes. We ogle at the cake display for a while before choosing a pretty ispahan-inspired dessert called Endless Love. It’s sweet but not overly so, with a delicate lychee ganache, rose cream, chunks of lychee and fresh raspberries providing a bit of tartness.

LuxBite macarons – $2.50 each
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