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The Cut Bar & Grill, Sydney

It’s easy enough to make a decent steak at home, but there’s something about the dark furnishings and luxury of being able to pick and choose lots of sides to go with your steak that make it a bit of a treat. I decided to treat Sir D on his birthday with a visit to The Cut Bar & Grill for some tasty meat.

As you walk downstairs into the restaurant, it’s almost like you’re walking into a secret underground cavern. The restaurant itself is dark and moody with plush leather banquette seating as well as individual tables.

Scallops, peas, mushroom, bone marrow – $25

We’re here for the beef but we decide to start with a few entrees to whet our palates. The words ‘scallops’ and ‘bone marrow’ catch my eye so we order the scallop entree which has three juicy seared scallops sitting on some crumbled blood pudding, with peas, mushrooms and little blobs of bone marrow. The earthy flavours of the blood pudding and mushrooms pair quite well with the sweet scallops which are perfectly cooked.

Beef tartare, quail egg, truffle mustard, traditional garnishes, lavosh – $35
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Chophouse, Sydney


When the boy requested steak for his birthday, I knew that a trip to Chophouse was in order. Having heard great things about their food, I was super excited and famished by the time we arrived into the cavernous dining space, with a ceiling decorated to look like ribs. We were treated to warm slices of bread while we perused the menu and decided what to eat.

Pasture fed petit fillet, marble score 2+ - $34.90

We dove straight into the meaty mains, with all of us choosing beef but with a different way of preparation or a different cut. The petit fillet is super tender but it lacks the meaty flavour of some of the other cuts. This is helped by the side of chutney and jus though, and is still a delicious serving of steak, perfect for someone like me who can’t eat that much.

Dry aged Delmonico, marble score 2+ - $48.00
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Hurricanes Grill, Top Ryde

It’s all about the meat.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but this is the first time I’ve ever been to Hurricanes. I’d heard some great things about their ribs so I thought it was high time for me to finally check it out for myself and see what all the hype is about. With an army of meat-loving friends (no vegetarians here!), we set out to sample some of the meaty offerings of Hurricanes and to see whether the Top Ryde restaurant matched up to the quality of the Bondi and Darling Harbour locations. Lucky for us, JC had booked ahead for a table on a Saturday night and when we arrive at 7.30pm, the bar is packed with waiting customers and a queue is streaming out of the restaurant into the courtyard.

Garlic roll - $4.50

The service is a bit hit and miss and it takes us quite a long time to get our order taken down. On the recommendation of some of the more seasoned Hurricanes diners, we start with some garlic bread which is served in its entirety on a wooden serving board. Incisions are made into the bread and garlic and herb butter is slathered on the surfaces. And oh my is there a lot of butter – which is what makes it so delicious! The bread crust is super crunchy, sending shards of bread all over the surface of the table when the bread is ripped apart and the bread innards? Well they just taste like melty garlic butter =D

Rib eye steak 350g - $33
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Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse, Woolloomooloo

This is the first time I’ve set foot on the Finger Wharf in Woolloomooloo, despite having lived in Sydney all my life. I admire the view of the waves sparkling against the setting sun and the white boats bobbing up and down on the water, and immediately see why this is a dining destination for celebrities and tourists alike.

But tonight, a large group of camerawielding food bloggers arrive at the wharf, not to check out the view but to dig into some delicious food at the newly-renovated Kingsleys Crab and Steakhouse. We begin with some drinks from the cocktail list that mostly consists of classics with a slight twist.

Cocktails: Mango and chilli daiquiri (left) and raspberry iced tea (right)

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ATFT Photography Workshop @ MUMU Grill, Crows Nest

It’s been almost a year now since I’ve started using a DSLR for my photography and although it’s been a steep learning curve, I still have a long long way to go to get my photos looking as good as I’d like. I can only dream that one day my photography will be as awesome as Billy’s from A Table for Two but in the mean time there is much to learn. And who better to learn from than Billy himself at his ATFT food photography workshops held at MUMU Grill.

Olive selection and Cherry tomato and feta salad

18 month Jamon Serrano and Catalan bread

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