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Taste of Sydney 2011

Yes, it’s time for Taste of Sydney again! I was lucky enough to win a double pass to Taste of Sydney this year – woohoo for competitions! This is the place to be to sample dishes from Sydney’s finest restaurants, try some food and drink from the exhibitors and also do a bit of celebrity-chef spotting. It’s always good to go with a bunch of people so you can share dishes and be hand models for each other hehe.

Assiette: Crispy pork belly, cashew nut caramel, watermelon and mint - 12 Crowns

The setup is much the same as last year with the restaurants around the perimeter of the outdoor venue and the exhibitors scattered around the edges and in the centre.

Bilson's and Number One Wine Bar: Chicken liver parfait with brioche and mesclun salad - 8 Crowns
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Taste of Sydney 2010

I’m sure this is the millionth blog post about Taste of Sydney, but don’t worry, I’ll keep it short and sweet :) This is mainly a photo post, with the exception of when I simply have to rave on about how good something tastes. But we’ll get to that later.

5.30pm, and the gates are opened!

The currency of Taste of Sydney is Crowns, where 1 Crown = $1.

Aria: Cured ocean trout with cucumber and horseradish – 10 crowns

Restaurant Balzac: Crispy wagyu beef with wild mushroom and truffle foam – 10 crowns

If you’re wondering where the beef is, it’s inside the ‘spring roll’ type thing. The pastry was super crunchy and the wagyu beef was nice and tender.

Restaurant Balzac: Saddle of suckling pig with garden peas and smoked bacon jus – 12 crowns

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