Feed Me, Penguin

Penguin is Melissa, a born and bred Los Angeles girl who loves all things food and is always thinking about the next meal. After a long-term love affair with other Los Angeles food blogs, I decided to start my own food blog to keep a record of all the amazing food adventures that I experience in L.A. and (hopefully one day) around the world.

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I love to eat out with my other food-obsessed friends, or the new way, have food delivered, and take photos of the food, all the while getting impatient looks from friends and strange looks from strangers! I also enjoy spending time in the kitchen baking or cooking up a storm – and making a giant mess in the process.

Although I will eat just about anything edible that's put in front of me, I have a particular weakness for French and Japanese food. I love sashimi, scallops, noodles, macarons, and gelato, but am still trying to get a taste for coriander, kaffir lime, olives, and licorice. It may sound strange but I keep continuing to try these foods in the hope that one day my tastebuds will magically acquire a taste for them!  

Penguin says Feed Me is my personal food diary that other people can read and enjoy.New re-creation I would love to hear any comments or feedback about the blog and I'm always open to any recommendations for places to eat!  

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